Friday, February 26, 2010

Pants, Batman!

I made my little girlie the cutest pants today!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello, indeed!

Cheers, Blogging World. My name is Hannah, nice to meet you:)

I make things with my hands. I suppose I make them with my mind first, but sometimes I don't know if my mind is involved much...

I love lists. I can't get enough lists in my life. Many times I like the lists better than I like what's on the lists. In the spirit of transparency, I'll share some lists with you right now, o Blogging World.

Things I'm doing:

- playing with two cute toddler babies
- making a pattern for spats
- making a pattern for pantaloons and pinafores. WOOT! I love little kid legs with
pantaloons. I love grown up legs with pantaloons too!
- baby shoes for my babies
- vintage apron skirts for lady-folk
- eating a secret salad

Things I should be doing:

- Taking the Christmas boxes to the basement
- recording a new song for an upcoming collaborative project
- eating an overt salad


p.s. What's with no helvetica?