Monday, April 25, 2011

The Rental

Showing an apartment is like blind dating. You wanna find someone...the right someone. Someone calls, you speak over the phone, discuss your common interests. Things like bedroom size, utility costs, the neighborhood crime rate. You search their voice for any hint of interest and when you hear entice them with things like distance to public transportation and freshly baked bread. Finally, you set a viewing date. You're nervous when you hear the knock. You exchange casual hellos, hoping they don't sense the desperation in your voice. You downplay obvious faults and upgrade the OK. After the walk through, you glance at the application and pen, hoping they'll be the one to bring it up. When it's all over you walk them to the door. They say, "I'll call." You hope they do.

After four of these blind dates, today, I'm plum tuckered out...