Monday, May 2, 2011

Bees Please

To Do List:

Pack my life into a twenty-six foot truck

Want To Do List:

Keep Bees...Make honey...candles...wax creations etc...

Make Wine and Beer (with some of that honey!)

Can Foods...Farmer's Markets!

Make my son a mobile

Roast my own coffee

Learn how to garden

Refurbish/upholster furniture

Paper mache everything

Make liqueurs and extracts

Make essential oils and infused oils

Make candles

Make cheese



and the list goes on...

I think I could do most of this...but they all require some sort of start up, so I will begin with the things I already have tools for or are somewhat inexpensive. Plus, I can never accomplish as much I think I'm going to with my wonderful little ones around. They are great helpers though. I'd like to include them in all of these processes, to some degree.

I'll start with canning and cheese. I'm looking into buying some bees too...and finding someone who will bee sit.

...and there's always music

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